About us
Established in 2020 Sustainology is the science behind building sustainable ecosystems. AJ Sustainology Renewable is a new age startup, building a better environment, improving the quality of life of our community and its stakeholders, and creating healthy and profitable solutions for our clients has been at the forefront of our actions. Based in North India, the idea originated in California. Working for an environmental consulting firm in Sacramento, CA, I soon realized the importance of sustainability and its tremendous opportunity and need in India. These days environmental issues are driven by capital, compliance, and enforcement and not by social and environmental perspectives. This needs a holistic approach towards understanding and developing sustainable business strategies. The goal of the company is to support organizations in achieving true sustainability with optimized costs and innovative solutions. New-age technology from our International and regional partners, R&D and impactful action are the fore front of our solution approach to meet our clients environmental challenges. Our professionals have the most valued credentials in the industry such as LEED AP, GEM CP, IGBC AP, GRIHA Trainer & Evaluator, EDGE Expert, EDGE Auditor, ECBC Master Trainers and Certified Energy Auditors etc.


To reduce the carbon footprint for our clients by creating a net positive impact on the health, environment and stakeholders

To be recognized as a premier solution-oriented think tank for carbon and climate related issues.


To be an elite sustainability consulting firm by the next decade while developing core competencies in areas like Energy, Water, Waste, Food & Agriculture, Sustainable transportation and Product packaging.
  • Private Sector
  • Government Sector
  • NGO Sector
  • Research & Development


We see SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES through 3 different lenses
  • Planet

  • People

  • Profit


6 Pillars of Our Organization
-Stakeholder approach
Industries we serve



FOOD Industry




Waste Industry

IT Industry


OIL Industry



We provide sustainability solutions


Our customized services will meet your needs and protect your brand, all which will contribute towards creating a healthy and better environment. Explore our solutions covering.

Mitigation Services

We restore and protect wetlands and waterways for future generations while removing the inevitable environmental damage from economic development. We provide mitigation services designed to assist private and public engineers to meet the requirements for reduction of regional and regional compensation for streams, wetlands, Riparian intersections, and nutrients. DMS uses receipts from these programs to rehabilitate streams, wetlands, and forest areas in partnership with state and local partners.

Adaptive Development

Adaptive development reduces the risk of climate change without having a negative impact on human health and the environment through incentives, institutions, and knowledge-based policy interventions to address different aspects of climate risks. With the emergence of adaptability as a key focus for those interested in responding effectively to the effects of climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to better understand the relationship between adaptation and development.

Marketing and Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness represents how well your target audience is familiar with your product and how well they see you. Establishing product awareness is important when marketing and promoting your company and products, especially in the early stages of business. Product awareness may seem like a vague concept, and in fact, it is. For those marketers and business owners out there who like to measure success with clean and tidy numbers, product awareness is likely to break your feathers.

Social and Behaviorial Campaigns

The health campaign follows a direct sequence that shifts the target audience from awareness to the issue to behaviors that lead to a specific health outcome. An effective campaign should also be consistent, and take into account the context of the community you serve. Success is most likely to be achieved when the campaign is integrated into all headquarters, regional, and international offices and follows these important processes.