Other Environmental Compliance Or Clearance

Other Environmental Compliance Or Clearance

Environmental Compliance covers a broad range of laws, regulations and standards framed by governments and other regulatory bodies to protect the environment even when businesses continue to manufacture and reach out to several markets. This is to enable organizations to think about the impact they’re leaving on the environment. It reduces pollution, protects wildlife and improves the green cover so that we may bequeath a greener world to posterity while pursuing economic development.


Environmental ActsGuidelines, RulesNotifications
Article Act, 1981

Water Act, 1974

EPA, 1986
Fugitive Emission, 2010

NAAQS, 2009
EIA notification 2006
HWM Rules,2008

PLI Act, 1991

FCA, 1980

BMW Rules, 2000
CREP Guidlines CRZ Notification
MMDR, 1957

MCR, 1960

Explosive Act,1884

CMVR, 1989

MCDR, 1988

Co-processing, 2010

Online Monitoring, 2017
Other Relevant Notification


Other Environmental Compliance Or Clearance

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